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Re: Embarassing Pictures from Early History

Oh, I did the old 1969-2006 cavalcade of hairstyles
photo montage on my Myspace page (scroll down for

That Chris Squire wannabe underneath the Jimmy
Page-hairdo looking over at the David Torn clone is a


--- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> Hey folks,
> From what I can tell (unless I missed a digest) 
> Kris and I are the only 
> ones out there
> who have had the courage to post our dorky (or sexy,
> as the case may be) 
> early music photos.
> I know you have 'em.........................I took
> the 
> plunge...............you can too!!!!
> Come on.   Entertain us!!!!    Are there no mullets,
>    polyester 70's 
> suits?    over the top New Wave
> or Punk fotos?    No ex-drag queens (or kings) out
> there?
> Rick 

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