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Re: More on Snap, Crackle, Pop: iTunes and audio Latency

It's possible. I did have iTunes running on my new system for a while, 
because Cycling 74 Hipno requires Quicktime, and for a while I couldn't 
the standalone quicktime installer, but has to installed both iTunes and 
Qicktime. Now I only have Quicktime installed.

I've been doing a lot of research and tweaking on my new ThinkPad, with 
msconfig. I basically researched every single startup item and service 
loads with the system, and determined which were un-necessary for for 
performance. Hence, before I play, I know how to go into msconfig and use 
the selective startup option to uncheck those items and services.  I wish 
you could save msconfig settings. I have to manually do this each time, 
creating a new user profile on XP doesn't help, because many of the 
and program are super-user, system wide, not based on user.

But.....with that streamlined startup and the normal startup, I really 
tell a difference in performance. I mean, I have 2gig of RAM and massive 
processing power. When I do control-alt-delete and look at those processes 
running in the background, they memory and processing they take up is 
miniscule. So, I'm not really making a big deal out of creating a clean 
startup config now....maybe on my old notebook that has a slower processor 
and less memory, but not this one. The iTunes thing could have been a 
problem though.

Morever, I believe I've done everything else noted in the URL you provided 


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Subject: More on Snap, Crackle, Pop: iTunes and audio Latency

> I'm wondering if this had anything to do with Krispen's audio
> problems. I was reading about tweaking Windows XP and came across
> this:
> "Several applications are known to run in the background even when you
> don't have them open. This consumes extra memory that could be
> dedicated to your video or audio project. The software companies do
> this so the apps load faster when you click on them, but you don't
> want extra stuff running during processor and memory intensive media
> projects. One common culprit is iTunes, which runs two helper apps in
> the background waiting to launch if you dock your iPod (even if you
> don't own one) or click on a music file."
> Sure enough, I opened my Windows Task Manager and stopped iTunes, and
> I was able to run the same patches in EnergyXT one buffer size smaller
> with no glitches. Warren also commented earlier on how iTunes messed
> up his system, did it have anything to do with this? anyway to avoid
> this without uninstalling iTunes?
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