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Re: RC-50 vs. Repeater?

Wow, that seems like a complex setup!  What exactly
are you trying to make it do?  I thought this thread
was talking about doing simple "verse/chorus" type
loop switching.

--- Zoe Keating <cello@zoekeating.com> wrote:

> For a while I had some patches programmed to do
> that. For example,  
> Mute some/all tracks on RPTR1 and meanwhile start
> recording on RPTR2.
> But in the heat of performance, it was too hard to
> keep tabs which  
> tracks are muted or unmuted. Because...and this is
> something I've  
> explained at great length to Elextrix...the Repeater
> gives you no  
> visual feedback whatsoever as to what tracks are
> muted!  In some  
> songs, I often do things exactly the same, but I
> need to stay  
> flexible in case accidents happen (and some of my
> favorite songs I  
> deliberately leave open to the element of chance).
> Also, at the end of a song I often get absorbed in
> what I'm  
> performing (the ends of songs are always different
> and I'm  
> concentrating on silly little things like musical
> phrase...;-)...). I  
> quickly forget what is muted and what is not.
> Meanwhile, I'll start  
> the next piece, and the old loop will be erased, but
> the mute  
> settings are still from the previous song! The only
> way to "reset" is  
> to turn the power off. Often I'll turn the power off
> between songs  
> for this sole purpose, because I just can't remember
> what I muted or  
> unmuted. Add to this the fact that sometimes a foot
> press might not  
> have been "forceful" enough, and maybe I didn't
> unmute? No way to  
> know...
> Try it, you'll soon see how complicated it can
> become if you have  
> songs where you already mute and unmute tracks on a
> regular basis.
> Then we get into the issue of space within each
> patch on the  
> FCB1010.... The FCB1010 allows you to send 2 CC
> messages and 5 PC  
> messages per patch. I have one CC spot  and 2 PC
> spots controlling  
> RPTR1 and the same for RPTR2. So really I'm limited
> to one 1 CC and 2  
> PCs message per Repeater per patch (the 5th slot
> controls the drum  
> machine). Combo muting (ie 1&2 and 3&4) is
> accessible only via CC, so  
> the other 2 tracks have to be muted with 2 separate
> PC messages.  
> That's 2 CCs + 4PCs to mute/unmute all the tracks on
> the two  
> Repeaters. And then no room left for anything. It's
> easier when there  
> are only a couple tracks running on each. But I eat
> up tracks pretty  
> fast...!
> Instead, I started various combos of simultaneously
> stopping RPTR1  
> and starting RPTR2. But I'm midi synced and the
> Repeater "ramps up"  
> to the tempo when starting from a full stop.
> Sigh.
> So now I've resorted to this: combination of
> stopping RPTR1 and a  
> volume pedal on RPTR2. I can start a Repeater with
> the volume down so  
> it has time to ramp up to the clock, then I'll bring
> up the volume at  
> the right moment. I've had a hard time operating 2
> volume pedals and  
> the FCB1010, so I've arranged the songs to make use
> of just one  
> Repeater coming in and out with my feet. And the
> other Repeater I'll  
> start it before with my feet, let it ramp up, and
> turn volume knob up  
> on the mixer in a "breath" when I 'm not playing the
> cello...
> On Jun 10, 2006, at 1:36 PM, mark sottilaro wrote:
> > I've never tried it, but I imagine that with the
> > fcb1010 you could also do mute track shananagans
> to
> > achieve the same effect.
> >
> > --- Zoe Keating <cello@zoekeating.com> wrote:
> >
> >

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