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RE: More on Snap, Crackle, Pop: iTunes and audio Latency

I haven't been following this thread - just noticed it by accident, really.
But y'all should know about the Windows Startup Control Panel. Hunt for it
on Google. There are about 6 different ways something can be specified to
start up on boot, and this lets you block all of them, and save your 
It's simple to use, very convenient, and free.

My iTunes problems on Windows were more about freaking QT 7, which (a)
disabled my QT 6 Pro license forever, with no way to get it back other 
paying - very sleazy fashion, and (b) took over a lot of my browser's
multimedia against my will, including screwing up TIFF displays and making
it impossible for me to browse patent office drawings (I later got a
different addin that corrected this).

At any rate, I generally look askance at all media player upgrades - I
haven't seen one in years that actually added any technical features or
anything else useful - they're all about pushing more ads at you and adding
more crippling DRM. I spit on them. Pyuchh...

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota

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> Subject: Re: More on Snap, Crackle, Pop: iTunes and audio Latency
> On 11 jun 2006, at 04.49, Art Simon wrote:
> > Sure enough, I opened my Windows Task Manager and stopped 
> iTunes, and 
> > I was able to run the same patches in EnergyXT one buffer 
> size smaller 
> > with no glitches. Warren also commented earlier on how 
> iTunes messed 
> > up his system, did it have anything to do with this? anyway 
> to avoid 
> > this without uninstalling iTunes?
> I have iTunes on both my OSX and my XP PC's. On the XP PC there are  
> no extra background processes due to iTunes. But when I open 
> iTunes I  
> notice two extra processes: "iTunes.exe" and 
> "iPodService.exe". After  
> I have closed down iTunes the iPodService.exe stays active. I use  
> this PC for concerts with Mobius and I wouldn't open any other  
> application before I play; it's rock stable.
> Greetings from Sweden
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