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latency in Repeater and EH-16?

Title: latency in Repeater and EH-16?
arghhh !
Latency !
I already ordered the EHQ 2880 . I hope there is no latency in it !!
I work with rhyhtm so my latency-tolerance is zero !
I realize that my dream machine is was not invented yet . I need a machine that do loops in Odd meters also ( 5/8, 7/8, 7/4, 5/4 , etc ) but it seems that its no possible . At least I will be able to do 7 or 5 bars of 4/4 and then subdivide it .
ex: 7 bars of 4/4 = 4 bars of 7/4 = 8 bars of 7/8 .

the ideal machine for me is any meter in any loop all syncronized by midi and with any number of bars each loop .
This is really rhyhtm loop freedom .
For those interested in these rhyhtm questions , I am open to listen/exchange  new ideas or to send some of my rhthym mp3 extracts from my CD ,

I have a fully upgraded Jam-Man for sale.

I'd rather offer it here to a fellow looper than condemn it to evil-bay!!

It has the non-volitile p-ram chip installed so thyat it remembers all of your parameter settings after it's powered off, plus full loop memory expansion.

All of the encoders are working perfectly, too.

It also features the latest software update from Bob Sellon (4 tracks of looping!), as well as the original software.

The sound quality is notably better than my Electrix repeater or EH-16 second delay reissue, plus the Jam-Man has ZERO latency...unlike the repeater and the 16 second delay...

$350 !!