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RE: Some info about the Repeater mk2 (not much, though :)

I do feel your pain Jeff, and believe me when I say that I believe these
type of " corporate announcements of vaporware" are irresponsible, but this
does happen pretty frequently. A few years back at a NAMM show I saw two
cool new products from Alesis(one being a midi foot controller, the other
slips my mind) that were displayed under glass (that should have been the
tip off, ha ha) And neither product ever saw the light of day, though I do
believe they went so far as to advertise them in the trades. I really hope
that the RPTR MK2 comes out, is a smash hit, and we all have a chuckle 
this. In the mean time remember that MANTRA.

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> fare enough, but I'd point the finger at the mail order music
> supply shops
> of the world like the vaunted Alto Music, who took your money or
> someone
> else's, not Electrix, they aren't seeing a penny of that money I'd
> wager.
> And shame on those same retailers who took your money knowing
> electrix's
> history of late delivery.

Maybe. I see both sides of the issue. Sounds like you have quite a
bit of direct experience with these issues, so I'll defer to you on
this one. But I don't think that the retailer I ordered through was
out to get my money knowing that Electrix couldn't deliver. I suppose
I put the blame *more* on Electrix than you apparently do. They are
the ones who announced the products and gave the retailers estimated
ship dates, after all.
But I still see your point.

> Don't get your hopes up, and realize that companies like this are
> not about
> announcing their cash flow issues, software issues, EU code issues or
> otherwise.

True. Then they should have been much more cautious about announcing
their new product line. But that only goes to your point about how
they may be poor business people, no matter how good their intentions
and no matter how good they may be at the imaginative/creative end of

Personally I'm not worked up about this. If I get a new Repeater,
great. If I don't, that's okay too. And, at some point, I'll have to
decide if I want my $150 down payment back. The only reason I haven't
gotten the refund yet is because I fear that *if* they should finally
start shipping, I'd then be left out. In other words, better to keep
my place in line than not. Shrug...