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Re: BOSS RC-50 Good to Go

i'm one of the "bashers", and it was more out of frustration.  i really want this unit to do what it's supposed to do.  while i love the edp, the idea of having what i need right in one pedal board is really appealing. 

i'm very curious to find out if any of the other posters who had similar issues with the "hiccup" at the point where the end of the phrase record meets the begining of the playback have had any luck eliminating it. 

i performed with the rc-50 in a live situation, live trio guitar, bass, drums.  the hiccup was not as noticeable, but i didn't get to try looping as much as i'd hoped, so i can't fairly evaluate that. the sub out feature worked really well, sending the loop only to our drummer.  also the stereo inputs and outputs came in handy, as i'm working with a taylor t-5 with the option of an acoustic sound and an electric sound.  the stereo situation let me loop with acoustic, play over it with electric, vice versa and any combination thereof.

oh, and one other thing that drives me crazy....the default setting for the guide track is that when you turn the unit on, the guide track is set to go, so you have to always remember to turn that damn thing off.