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Re: Some info about the Repeater mk2 (not much, though :)

I don't know... I've got around 8 or 9 different loopers... always 
room for another!

>--- Charlie Milkey <pilotcp@gmail.com> wrote:
>by the time the repeater MkII
>>  comes out, i bet
>>  that at least 50% of the people who were dead-set on
>>  buying a repeater
>>  when it was first announced will be perfectly happy
>>  with something
>>  else...just my thoughts
>Yeah, I agree.  Each person who buys an RC-50, 2880 or
>Looperlative was a potential Repeater customer lost.
>Sure, each device is unique, but as the looper market
>grows (yay!) each devices slice of that tiny market
>will be even smaller.  Don't even get into the people
>like Per who've gone to the software side.
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