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RE: Some info about the Repeater mk2 (not much, though :)

Well that is good to know, yes usumption is the mother of all F*&k ups my

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Subject: Re: Some info about the Repeater mk2 (not much, though :)

I had my name on Alto Music's group buy list and they
didn't take a dime from me.  I think everyone who's
purchased from them has had a good experience.


--- Jeff Shirkey <jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu> wrote:

> >
> > If the Repeater never surfaces again, will the
> world be any more
> > diminished?
> The issue is that they announced new products, took
> money from
> customers (or, more to the point, many retailers
> did), and have kept
> people completely in the dark. I'd say that's reason
> enough to be a
> little irked.
> > spelling it out in tabloid detail, allow them at
> least, a bit of
> > corporate
> > face saving, rather than hold them up to the same
> standards as a
> > company
> > like Roland with much deeper pockets,
> I don't think anyone is asking for tabloid detail.
> But periodic
> (quarterly??) updates would be nice. At the very
> least it would show
> some genuine concern for potential customers--not to
> mention good
> faith on their part. I don't think that's asking too
> much.
> Jeff

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