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Re: Re: WTB: Digitech RDS8000 Delay / LoOper

Hello Gerry,

Thanks for the note. Please send me an email about the RDS8000 details off-list 

Email me at: rds8000@cableaz.com

I'm definitely interested...


From: grw20022 <grw20022@yahoo.com>
Date: June 12, 2006 6:25:34 PM MST
Subject: Re: WTB: Digitech RDS8000 Delay / Looper 

Hello, if you can not find one..I have one in mint...I might be getting away afew of my equipment to get the new moog the Phatty..I use to have a moog and it looks like moog put a good one out...if anyone heard of this, let use know..... Gerry

rds8000 <rds8000@cableaz.com> wrote:

rds8000 <rds8000@cableaz.com> wrote:
Hello Loopers,

I'm interested in adding a second Digitech RDS8000 to my setup. Does
anyone have one they'd like to sell?