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RE: Againinator MkII ship date gets pushed back!

Sorry, there won't be support for the Againinator MkI
as I had to make significant design changes to the
wetware interface to get the feature set working
correctly while minimizing the tendency of the
Againinator to turn on it's master.  I also want to go
on record saying that Againinator Research has never
advocated packs of villagers with tourches as a
work-around for the above bug.  It violates several
fire codes in CA and other states.

Dr. Charles Ashford

--- jeff larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> wrote:

> I hope all of us still waiting for the Againinator
> Mk I
> will be able to upgrade to the Mk II software when
> both are available!   Is the new code being
> optimized for the DNA in the Mk II?  
> Jeff

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