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RE: slide, blues

Title: re: slide, blues
I believe it was Sol Hoopii, who was  the hawaiin who introduced lap steel playing to the indian music tradition, as a result of being stranded in India while on tour by the Japanese blockade during WW11, though I may be getting my Hawaiin slide masters mixed up.
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sol hoopii


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Subject: more to slide than blues?

An curios statement considering that slide was invented by Hawaiians.There
was a huge hawaiin music fad in the 20s(.Ever seen the pictures of the
college guy w/ a racoon skin coat ,a strw hat and a ukulele? that was as hip
as a white guy could get ,for thatgeneration) Anyway Hawaiian music had a
huge influence. and not just on Country  ,B.B.King has said part of his
vocal lead style was influenced by Hawaiian steel guitar.