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   At one tme I did graduate work in ethnomusicaolgy ,and my area of focus 
was the African roots of American music. The Diddey Bow,is not a slide  
  single string  streched taught on a stick( or sometimes attached to the 
side of a building) and played percussively.It's called berimbau in brazil 
and there are many variations all over Africa,commonly adding a gourd 
resonator,which can be closed and opened by pressing against ,and moving 
from the body,causing a dynamic and pitch variation  further which adds  
rythmic epressiveness.Hugh Tracy's book on southern African instruments 
details one version which is ony played by Women ,who move the gourd on 
off a breast.The only instrument I ever heard of that could physically 
be played by one gender.  There are also versions where the string is 
connected to a very large stick which is rooted into the ground and a hole 
in the ground resonates the vibration.