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RE: TIP 3rd Hand

Cool, I've been eyeing those for a while, Had an electro harmonix one
decades ago, but that was before velcro and the thing would start to move a
smaller boss style pedal around.

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Cute, but for much cheaper you can get these nice
thick rubber washers that go right over your knobs and
the bonus is that the twisty action you have to do to
turn the knob does wonders for your stage presence.


--- mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:

> At 4:14 PM -0400 6/14/06, Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com
> wrote:
> >Has anyone seen this yet?
> >
> >Looks pretty cool- my first though was for control
> of Loop Volume level on
> >RC-20's, but obviously it has a lot of fun
> potential.
> >
> >http://www.musictoyz.com/guitar/pedals/tip.php
> Got one; works well with no troubles.  A tiny bit
> pricey all
> considered, but it does exactly what it says on the
> package.  ;)
> I use it primarily to do realtime tweaks of the
> "Color" knob on my
> Boss WP-20g Wave Processor, but it also works well
> for manipulating
> the Feedback on my DD-20 Giga Delay.
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