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OT: Lexicon volume

Hi Gang:
I was wondering if you could help me with this hardware problem--my Lexicon MPX-500 is not a unity-gain device. Even with the output maxed in the Systems menu (yeah, I have the manual ;-) there is still an appreciable drop in volume when I  take it out of bypass. This means that it's not useful for live guitar use, but it's WAY too hissy to record with, so all I can use it for is to amuse myself in my basement music room. I had foreseen greater things for it, just the little box and me, blowing minds together at my concerts, but until I get the fershlugginer thing up to unity gain, that ain't gonna happen.
Oddly enough, this is not a problem with the tremolo patches, which do not suck volume at all.  :-0  :-0  :-0
This box sounds too damned good to keep home. I'd be very grateful for any ideas.
Yours in Sound,
Timothy Mungenast
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