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Re: Ganglion

I once followed the advice I had found in an old guide to self-care and 
home medicines. The advice was to hit the ganglion with a rubber hammer 
or something similar. It hurt like hell but it went away.

Good luck (and get some painkillers before you swing the hammer :-)


P.S. No liability assumed in use of this information!

Am 16.06.2006 um 17:18 schrieb Kevin:

> At 12:11 AM 6/16/2006, you wrote:
>> I recently dicovered a small lump on my left ring
>> tendon that was sort of bothering me when playing
>> guitar and went to the doctor and found out is a
>> finger ganglion.I am still debating wether i should
>> let them operate it because there arent any guarantees
>> of anything,it oculd come back,ruin a nerve numbing
>> the finger etc.it is specially frustrating and
>> depressing being left handed...
> I'm not a doctor so you'd be a fool to follow my advice but...
> I have had ganglions on the back of my hand in the past when my 
> technique wasn't good.  The best advice I got was to rest the area 
> until my body repaired the synovial sheath shrank the ganglion.  I 
> also worked on my technique--I was using too much force and bending my 
> wrist when I played so I played with a wrist brace for awhile to 
> unlearn bad habits.
> If you cut (or pop) the synovial sheath, you weaken it.  So yeah, your 
> chances of getting another ganglion increase.
> Best wishes,
> Kevin
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