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Re: Way OT: EM fingers!

My Better Judgement lost the feeling in her index finger after squishing it big time with a sledge hammer. It looked like a red banana that had been stepped on. After a year of trying everything else, acupuncture brought back the feeling in one visit.

Go for it. It's usually pretty cheap - at least compared with a regular doc.

Now... stabbed by a girlfriend? Are you Robert Johnson maybe? Have you ever made any unusual deals with strange creatures with two funny pointy things on their heads? And did your playing improve dramatically after that?

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 17-Jun-06, at 10:20 AM, Tom Ritchford wrote:

I was stabbed in the left thumb by a nasty, drunken girlfriend over
four years ago and the sensation never returned to parts of it. On
the wind instrument (my primary instrument), that thumb does the
octave key, but to my great pleasure, it turns out that muscle memory
alone works perfectly there. And of course it doesn't interfere with
stringed instruments at all. But it bugs me every time I try to play
the piano.

Hmm, acupuncture, you say?

On 6/17/06, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com> wrote:
>>I had one in my left hand, on the top, at the root of my 1st & 2nd fingers
next to my wrist. Had it removed about 25 years ago. Do anything but surgery
if you can, I still don't have 100% control of my pinky.<<

ah, jeez.... I've got one in exactly the same place. left hand facing up,
base of thumb between root of first & second finger, right on the seam of my
wrist. what the hell are they? are there non-surgical options? this isn't a
nuisance yet, but I've noticed my hand tires quicker....

my natural inclination is to spear it with something sharp..... but
obviously I am fighting this impulse!



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