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Re: Oh, Canada

At 2:58 PM -0400 6/18/06, Paul wrote:
>Has anyone traveled from the US to Canada recently?
>I was told by someone that there is a requirement for 3 documents to 
>enter the country (Passport, birth certificate, driver's license). 
>Doesn't sound right to me - if one has a passport, why would one 
>need a birth certificate? What if one doesn't drive?

We drove from Seattle to Vancouver in March.  My understanding is 
that they are merely tightening up on the requirements a little bit, 
but you don't need all 3 documents.  You can get by with *either* a 
passport (simplest solution, and what we used) *or* driver's license 
& birth certificate.

In the past, you could get across with merely a driver's license, but 
this was always a little dicey based on the "interpretation" of the 
agent at the border.  It was also worse for Canadians attempting to 
cross into the US on a DL, than Americans crossing into Canada 
(mostly because many of the guys on the American side are, erm, 
arseholes -- at least in the airports).  Also, this was a proposed 
change and it may or may not have gone into effect yet.  Check 
http://travel.state.gov and they should give you the definitive 

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