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Re: Looping CD

I like it, Nico!  The clips are very mesmerizing and put me at ease.  And 
how could I forget the piece from Ontogenesis? :) What a great video.

Let me guess, you are playing through a real guitar amp, right?  It sounds 

I'll send you my address offline and we can swap CDs....yours for my 
one, Interstellar Delirium.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "nico spahni" <nicosp@gmx.net>

> Hey Loopers,
> I finally got my act together and am about to put out my first looping 
> (admittedly self-burned as I'm not expecting to sell large 
> It features 45 minutes of improvised ambient guitar stuff. Here are some 
> excerpts:

> http://www.recpro.ch/mp3/2725_1_(gradual_nirvana).mp3

> http://www.recpro.ch/mp3/656_2_(bypassing_the_void).mp3
> http://www.recpro.ch/mp3/1325_1_(ontogenesis).mp3  ->  as heard and seen 
> (accompanying video) at Boise Experimental Music Festival
> http://www.recpro.ch/mp3/656_4_(pendulum).mp3
> http://www.recpro.ch/mp3/3_115_1_(tentative_frictions).mp3
> Any feedback is appreciated.
> Should anyone want to swap CDs (I send you mine, you send me yours), 
> please contact me off-list.
> Cheers,
> Nico
> www.recpro.ch
> nico@recpro.ch