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Re: Hiromi

At 2:12 PM -0400 6/20/06, Matthew.Quinn@sunlife.com wrote:
>I haven't watched the clip, so I'm not sure- but are you guys kidding?
>Hiromi is amazingly talented.

She is amazingly technically adept, I'll give her that.  However, 
just because you *can* play lebenty-bazillion notes in the span of a 
half-second, doesn't necessarily mean you *should*.  If I want to 
listen to that, I'll grab a cup of coffee and go hang out in the 
lobby of my local Guitar Center.

This is the only clip I've seen of her work, though, so maybe other 
examples are better.  The best parts of this video sound like a pale 
tip-of-the-hat to Keith Emerson's "Tarkus".  I also tossed most of my 
ELP records out quite some time ago, however.  As with all matters of 
taste, YMMV....

"I'm wasting time worrying about wasting time."