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Effector13 PEEP...

Hey guys,

I came across this while looking for new toys on the Effector 13 site.


It's basically just a simple photo-electric cell boxed up so that it 
can be plugged into the expression pedal jack on most effects 
(amongst other things).

Best part is that Devi Ever is currently considering them in 
"experimental" phase, so he's offering them at a special tester's 
price of a mere $20 (shipping included).  Kewl!

I've got one on order, and can hardly wait to see how (or even if) it 
works with my Lex Vortex, as well as my other effect pedals and 
perhaps even the VG-8.

Looks like a lot of fun for those of us with no soldering skill 
ourselves.  Dig!

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librarian who won't shut up..."