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OT: Hiromi -

Folks wrote:
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Hiromi's the most technically accomplished jazz pianist since Oscar 
Peterson and she plays faster (and cleaner) than Art Tatum. When she 
was 17 she jammed with Chick Corea.  And she's the number one jazz 
artist in Japan.  Here's her doing straight jazz piano:

About her influences:
"I love Bach, I love Oscar Peterson, I love Franz Liszt, I love Ahmad 
Jamal," she says. "I also love people like Sly and the Family Stone, 
Dream Theatre and King Crimson. Also, I'm so much inspired by sports 
players like Carl Lewis and Michael Jordan. Basically, I'm inspired 
by anyone who has big, big energy. They really come straight to my heart."

That Kung-Fu World Champion piece is just a little karate kata of the 
keys, if you will.  If you play keys you know that you couldn't play 
that.  Ever.

Her English website is at:

I just found out about her a couple of days ago but she's definitely 
someone to keep track of.  Someone with that much skill, enthusiasm 
and openness doesn't come around more than a couple of times a century.


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