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Re: OT: Hiromi -

Sounds like a female version of Liberace.

Paul Richards

---- Kevin <kevin@TheNettles.com> wrote: 
> Folks wrote:
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> We-elllll...
> Hiromi's the most technically accomplished jazz pianist since Oscar 
> Peterson and she plays faster (and cleaner) than Art Tatum. When she 
> was 17 she jammed with Chick Corea.  And she's the number one jazz 
> artist in Japan.  Here's her doing straight jazz piano:
> ftp://telmedia.telarc.com/telarc/83600/Radio/83600-DesertMoon-128.mp3
> About her influences:
> "I love Bach, I love Oscar Peterson, I love Franz Liszt, I love Ahmad 
> Jamal," she says. "I also love people like Sly and the Family Stone, 
> Dream Theatre and King Crimson. Also, I'm so much inspired by sports 
> players like Carl Lewis and Michael Jordan. Basically, I'm inspired 
> by anyone who has big, big energy. They really come straight to my 
> That Kung-Fu World Champion piece is just a little karate kata of the 
> keys, if you will.  If you play keys you know that you couldn't play 
> that.  Ever.
> Her English website is at:
> http://www.hiromimusic.com
> I just found out about her a couple of days ago but she's definitely 
> someone to keep track of.  Someone with that much skill, enthusiasm 
> and openness doesn't come around more than a couple of times a century.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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