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Re: Effector13 PEEP...

Do you think it would perform drastically differently in sunlight,
stagelight, normal house-light, etc.?


> At 8:31 PM +0000 6/20/06, Weg wrote:
>>Wow I love this kind of effect.  I had to order one!  Looks like fun
>>and I just got my first vortex too!
> Those were my thoughts exactly, the minute I saw it.  Now I'm doing a
> mental re-cataloging of every effect pedal I've got that might work
> well with it -- especially after seeing the video where Devi is
> triggering the Z-Vex Fuzz Factory into self-oscillation and using it
> like a Theremin.
> Dunno if my Z-Vex Machine pedal will go into self-oscillation like
> that, for instance, but I'm fairly confident my Torn's Peaker is
> gonna have a lot of fun with the PEEP.
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