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Re: Hiromi

As someone who's favorite guitarist is Adrain Belew, I
think lack of chops has nothing to do with the demise
of "chops."  It's lack of interest for wankery.  An
old friend of mine used to play me Steve Vai albums
and, while impressed by his technical prowess, I found
the music to be totally uninspired and lacking
anything that might be considered "soul."  I can't put
my finger on why it felt so flat... There was not a
single technical fault to the music, but it may as
well have been created by a robot. (not the cool
killer kind that turns on it's unsuspecting master
after developing sentience and emotion)

Now, I know a lot of you probably like Steve Vai and
other's in the guitar wank genre and I'm happy you do
and I'd fight for your right to listen and play that
music.  However, for my money I'd trade the ability to
convey emotion in your music over the ability to
cleanly play 32nd notes at 160 bpm.  I've got the
entire King Crimson catalog on my iPod, but there's
still room for The White Stripes on there too.  While
I'm at it, have you ever listened to how sloppy The
Jimi Hendrix Experience is?  I love every moment of

Mark Sottilaro

--- Travis Hartnett <travishartnett@gmail.com> wrote:

> Fortunately, Dragon Force is here to bring back
> chops:
> On 6/21/06, Richard Sales <richard@glasswing.com>
> wrote:
> first incarnation with Mike Beck on drums/creative
> percussion.
> >
> > And yes!  The anti chop movement has been
> devastating to music.  The
> > sanctification of The Garage has been cataclysmic.
>  But some nights,
> > when I''m off, I'm really grateful for it!

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