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RE: Sloppyness (was: Re: Hiromi)

Call me a nitpicker on semantics, but I'd say the Hendrix Experience was
LOOSE, not sloppy. There's a world of difference. A loose outfit may be
communicating on a higher plane, while sloppiness is often a sign of the
opposite - inattention to the moment.

Hal Dean

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Subject: Sloppyness (was: Re: Hiromi)

On 21 jun 2006, at 19.11, mark sottilaro wrote:

> Now, I know a lot of you probably like Steve Vai

I don't. But my brother does. Once he played me "a cool Vai tune" and  
what I heard was Vai playing guitar, just like he always does, but  
this time through a certain default preset of the Eventide Eclipse. I  
couldn't believe he just plugged into the Eventide like any simple  
effect box and shredded away! But I guess I would enjoy hearing Vai  
live, just as I did when hearing Dexter Gordon doing his "Juke Box  
Game Thing" without almost playing a single original note.

> While
> I'm at it, have you ever listened to how sloppy The
> Jimi Hendrix Experience is?  I love every moment of
> it.

Yeah, wonderfully sloppy! When "sloppyness" oozes of that what-the- 
hell attitude I do love it. But when "sloppyness" oozes of ignorance  
I just can't stand it.

Greetings from Sweden

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