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Re: Hiromi

Have any of you listened to The Mars Volta?  Flippin' rock my balls off!
It almost feels like Plant and Page all over again, but with a different
kind of in-your-face attitide.  I love it. Amazing!


>>And yes! The anti chop movement has been devastating to music.
> Yeah, which is why I'm glad there's still an underground prog movement.
> Some of the good old bands (Crimson, Yes, Rush, Moody Blues) are still
> around and we have newer ones like Porcupine Tree, Spock's Beard, The 
> Volta, Dream Theater, Riverside, Ozric Tentacles, Anglagarde, Glass
> Hammer... the list goes on.  However, you'll never hear them on the 
>  XM did have a channel dedicated to prog, but I think it got canned.
> but, you can listen over the net at http://www.progrockradio.com/
> Enjoy!
> Tony
> p.s. Yes, Richard, I've heard some Happy The Man.  Not much, but I have.
> :)
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>   Did any of you ever hear the prog band Happy The Man? We shared bills 
> the good old days (G.O.D.S) and I thought, and still think, they were
> some of the best and most creative of the prog genre. Especially in
> their first incarnation with Mike Beck on drums/creative percussion.
>   And yes! The anti chop movement has been devastating to music. The
> sanctification of The Garage has been cataclysmic. But some nights, when
> I''m off, I'm really grateful for it!
>   But recording guitar for my daughter I really saw the impact of this.
> She didn't want ANY string bends (I snuck in a few), any left hand
> tremolo (when she wasn't looking), anything that really stood out. So
> ALL of my parts are incredibly simple - which is what I usually like
> anyhow, but I mean REALLY SIMPLE. I learned to put all the soul I could
> muster into whole notes! While doing it I thought I would be really
> embarrassed - and threatened to not put my name on the CD - but the
> final product actually fits together well and the guitar comes off as
> organic and doesn't step on ANY toes (to say the least). But this is how
> a lot of younger (especially college age) folks want to hear music... or
> at least NEW music. They'll listen to the Zep's note blizzards all day
> long and somehow that slips under the radar. But generally, guitar chops
> are seen as showing off.
>   It's a strange new world! Our job is getting easier.
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>   On 21-Jun-06, at 8:23 AM, Christophe wrote:
>     I think the whole prog-bashing trend started as sour grapes on the
> part of kids who just didn't have the chops to play it. As I recall,
> at the same time that prog was declared a dinosaur by these young
> turks virtuosity in general was poo-pooed just as much.
>     Not that there wasn't an awful lot of excess (and I spell excess
> E-L-P) rampant at the time!
>     Regards from Boston,
>     Chris
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>     From: "Tony K" <bigtony@softhome.net>
>       RE: HiromiI'll be seeing Emerson on Sunday evening. I'm not 
> on silver
>       suit or knives in the B3. Apparently he does travel with a large
> modular
>       though...
>       I'm a prog-head and proud of it! I have all of the ELP albums up to
> but not
>       including "Love Bleah" oh, I mean "Beach"
>       I sometimes think it's just fashionable to trash prog, but I would
> rather listen
>       to it than most of what's coming out these days. It is interesting
> to note that
>       there is a very active and very good modern prog scene going on.
>       as said before. YMMV.
>       Tony