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More Prog Rock

Ya know who's been doing some really nice stuff - is Steve Hackett 
formerly of Genesis. Some reviewer made a comment that was so true re: his 
work. That he was definitely one of the major creative leaders of the band 

Seems like he's come to terms with his music from that era (of course, he 
has a lot of newer stuff as well). Man, when he digs into some of the 
solos from Genesis tunes, yowza!

There's a live version of "Everyday" on the 70s/80s/90s archive that just 
blows me away when I hear it. There are several tempo changes in odd 
meters at a  few points in the song and his playing is right on.

The live set in Japan he did with ex-menbers of King Crimson, Asia, 
Genesis is top rate - both the DVD & the 2 CD set.

Paul Richards