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mistakes Re: Sloppyness (was: Re: Hiromi)

Tony K wrote:

>> As an aside to this already off-topic thread, one of my complaints 
>> with something like a Berklee / GIT education is that they drill the 
>> mistakes right out of you. A side effect of this is that people are 
>> left with only their imagination to rely on, as they rarely have need 
>> to recover from mistakes, which is often some of the most inventive 
>> playing, IMO.
> I had a friend when I was learning to play who told me if I made a 
> mistake, just repeat it and everybody will think I did it on purpose. ;)
> Wasn't it Miles Davis who said that if you aren't making mistakes, you 
> aren't playing Jazz? 

You've got a ;) after the above, but that's what I do during a live 
performance:   if I throw something in that doesn't sound right--I force 
myself to try to make something good out of that mistake.  Sometime it 
works, sometimes not.

Andrew Duke
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