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Re: Hiromi

>Ha! this also reminds me back in the early 90īs when
i was learning electric guitar and was talking to this
girl,she had just been to a flamenco concert and was
floored by the guitarrists and then i wanted to
impress her by telling her about me playing in a rock
band and my rock favorites and she just said,well all
that horrible squaling and macho noise i dont
understand it,i guess its just a guy thing;-)

> I heard a great Queen-esque guitar solo on the radio
> a few months ago, and
> I went off on a rant on the lack of that sort of
> thing in modern music. 
> When I ended with the question "what ever happened
> to guitar solos
> anyway?" my wife responded without a second thought:
> "guitar players." 
> And she was probably right... as much as I hate to
> admit it (being a
> guitar-solo nut myself).  There's just been too much
> "wankery," and not
> enough "soul."  Too much Vai, not enough Vaughan.


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