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Re: Ableton w/ VST Looper

I'm sorry, I don't want to divert this conversation, but I thought maybe
Buzap Buzap could benefit from this answer...

Per, now that you brought up resampling, can you use a resampling track to
bus the whole output to another stereo output pair?, or is the only way to
use a return track?

All best to you both, todd

On 6/22/06 8:06 AM, "Per Boysen" <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 22 jun 2006, at 14.02, Buzap Buzap wrote:
>>> I prefer to work the instant composing stuff on a master track
>>> level (mangling the summed layers/loops) instead of taking the remix
>>> approach to split it up in parallel.
>> I like to mix stuff until I have a certain density. Then, to keep
>> the mix interesting, I like to add some delay or phaser/flanger or
>> reverse on some loops.
>> But if you have 8 loops in Mobius, I guess I could pick a loop and
>> then resample it with effects, would be probably less CPU consuming.
> Yes. In Live it's very easy to resample any loop or mix of loops.
> Simply set the track input to "Resampling", record enable the track
> and trig the slot where you want to place the clip. In my Mac setup
> with Live and Augustus Loop I usually keep one Live track instantly
> set up for resampling. After having resampled you can drag the clip
> with the mouse to another track that maybe has a more suitable
> effects setting.
>> Could it perhaps work the other way - using Ableton as effect
>> machine for Mobius?
> Oh yes! "The other way"....?  Isn't that the main reason people want
> to run loopers as VST/au plug-ins in Live? Live has excellent effects.
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