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Re: Hatfield

Check out a new friend of mine that lives and gigs in the same general area that I jammed with last year in Winfield Kansas he played with Pete Huttlinger because he blew his mind there at his workshop!!!.  www.petehuttlinger.com  

Tony K <bigtony@softhome.net> wrote:
>>> Oh - BTW, one very cool band from those early seventies was called
>>> Hatfield And The North. Ringing a bell with any of you English Chaps
>>> on this list?
>> indeed :-)
>> they morphed into an instrumental band called "National Health"
>> (very ahead of their time in picking a really dull name)
> Hatfield is playing in NYC this weekend.

I'll be seeing them Friday night with The Tony Levin Band. I'm excited.

>> the other essential curiosity from that era is
>> "Henry Cow", probably the most experimental of the "prog" bands
> Legend.

Yeah, wild stuff.

And to (amazingly enough) get close to on topic, I'm seeing Michael Manring
this weekend too. Major prog overload weekend.


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