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All Access/Echoplex/Prophesy

   I am having issues with my All Access/Echoplex/set up and I am hoping someone on the list may be able to help me. 
     Echoplex is set to receive control changes on Midi Channel 2.
     The instant access switches work great, and all the programming works out (momentary switches etc.)
     However, sometimes when I select a patch change (sent on midi channel 1 to the Prophesy) the Echoplex responds as if I hit the record button, or a series of parameter editing buttons.  The prophesy still changes patches, of course. 
     As the Echoplex is set to Midi Channel 2, and the patch changes are being sent on Midi channel 1 I, in my ignorance, can't figure out how to remedy this.  Any help would be appreciated. 
Thanks in advance.
Donovan Stokes