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Re: FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Mark I Combo Amp

You crammed an EV in a Polytone? Impressive. I should have tried that with 
my Teeny Brute...I did notice those Polyetone speakers are quite odd, 
tiny cones. I'm wondering if they special made them that way as a part of 
their sound, etc. They are quite amazing for solid state amps. I think 
of the reason is that they are crammed full of padding inside and they are 
sealed. That seems to mellow out the tone a bit...show knows...I just wish 
had mine back.

Actually, they are still making the smaller version of the JC-120, which 
the JC-90:


It is stereo as well. I thought the JC77 was mono.  I used to have the 
JC-90. It was  a lot easier to pack around, but I found the it to be too 
rangy and nasely for my taste.


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From: "William Walker" <billwalker@baymoon.com>
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Subject: RE: FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Mark I Combo Amp

> Well, yes I was being a bit sarcastic. I believe the JC120 came to 
> fro two reasons,
> 1. It has self contained stereo chorused that at least gives its sterile
> sound a bit of dimension. 2. It is  very dependable and loud, a favorite 
> of
> cartage and rental services as back line for touring bands.
> As one who has had to use provided back line amps, I always hope that a
> fender twin is present and its tubes aren't so gassed as to make it sound
> flabby. otherwise I would settle for a jazz chorus, and I never had a
> problem with its clean sound, however, I can't believe that after all 
> these
> years , Roland has never gotten the clue that the distortion sound on 
> these
> things is basically useless, not to mention the reverb is pretty tin can
> sounding as well. And this is a company that excels at signal 
> Go
> figure. I had a mini brute, which I took to Berklee years ago. Ii was a 
> nice
> warm clean sounding solid state amp, made even louder by the EVM speaker 
> managed to somehow cram in to its little cabinet. Later I had a Pearce G1
> amp, because it actually had a very usable overdrive channel, soon after 
> added a Pearce extension cabinet w/ slave power amp for stereo ,and 
> I
> switched to a Pearce preamp running through a boogie power amp. I finally
> abandoned the rack mount amp dance about ten years ago and went back to 
> tube
> combos for most of my live gigs, and a modeling amp when doing the 
> thing. I know a lot of great music has been played on these amps, and
> certainly if what you desire is uber clean, the JC120 has few modern 
> peers,
> but for me, clean tube sounds better than clean solid state, and it feels
> better, though the natural compression of a tube amp can be mimicked 
> a
> good compressor (my old Pearce amps had a built in limiter similar to the
> Gibson Lab series amps, which Dan Pearce helped design). If you want
> something like a JC120, but without the back ache, You might try to find 
> used JC77, the discontinued baby brother to the JC120. I found a link on
> 40000830625QQihZ004QQcategoryZ47094QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
> I have developed a fondness for amps with a two ten speaker 
> I own a 70's vibrolux reverb, and 60's vox AC10 twin, and as a gigging
> middle aged guy I appreciate the fact that I'm not risking a hernia every
> time I load my amp in my trunk. I also like the tighter bass response the
> tens give, they just seem punchier to me..
> Cheers
> Bill
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> From: Krispen Hartung [mailto:khartung@cableone.net]
> Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 8:13 PM
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> Subject: Re: FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Mark I Combo Amp
> Don't worry Mark, I won't sell both of my VF1's! :)   They are amazing
> little boxes.
> Bill, what's wrong with the JC120?  I can't tell whether you were making 
> fecicios comment about them or not. Forgive me if you weren't. Some 
> amazing
> jazz players, like Pat Martino and Mike Stearn, have used those amps.
> Frankly, there really isn't such a thing as a "jazz amp." Jazzers of all
> calibers use what fits their taste...I've seen it all, from solid state
> Polytones, Rolands, and Gibsons, to tube Fenders, Boogies, and Music Man.
> Some guitarists, like McLaughlin, have even bi-passed amps altogether at
> times, plugging directly into processors and then directly into the 
> The breadth of taste is pretty amazing.
> ...I do wish I had my old Polytone Teeny Brute back...I was such an idiot
> for selling that years ago.
> Kris
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> From: "William Walker" <billwalker@baymoon.com>
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> Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 5:00 PM
> Subject: RE: FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Mark I Combo Amp
>> Well Mark I'd be curious as to how you did the JC120 thingy on the 
>> tonelab
>> (and why???? in gods name) and  Actually like most of the stomp box
>> effects
>> on the tonelab allot except, the overdrive and distortion models on the
>> front end; a klon clone, even more exaggerated mid range honk than the
>> original, a tube screamer model , that just doesn't rattle my cage, and 
>> rat model, zzzzzzzz, among others, though the octavia octave, and ring
>> modulator effects are quite nice. My solution was, until a week ago, to
>> pirate my fulltone fulldrive from my gig rig pedal board, and stick it 
>> the tonelabs effects loop (which is at the front of the chain). Well 
>> week I got my new twin tube pedal from Seymour Duncan, and I am just 
>> struck at how good this thing sounds driving the front end of the 
>> tonelab.
>> Since it uses two subminiature tubes running at high plate voltage, it
>> adds
>> tremendous dynamics and dimension not to mention two channels of 
>> from clean boost with a hint of extra fatness, to very saturated, yet
>> smooth
>> and singing overdrive, all with great touch sensitivity. I just 
>> a
>> review to Harmony Central, in which I shamelessly gushed about how good 
>> it
>> sounds. Since I like many of the delay and modulation presets on the 
>> lab, and I'm not a big flange or chorus guy,  I was just searching for a
>> more natural sounding overdrive to compliment the tweed, black face, 
>> early
>> marshall, and vox models I tend to use, and boy does this puppy fit the
>> bill.
>> Bill
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>> From: mark sottilaro [mailto:zerocrossing2001@yahoo.com]
>> Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 10:11 AM
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>> Subject: RE: FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Mark I Combo Amp
>> --- William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:
>>> Mark has a point,
>> I thought you couldn't notice it with my hair style!
>>> Do take
>>> note that the vox people did not see fit to model a
>>> transistor amp, not jazz
>>> chorus model ala line 6. So if that is your mind set
>>> maybe the vox ain't for
>>> you.
>> Wait!  There's MORE!  I did find a way to get a good
>> JC120 sound out of the Tonelab!  I forget how now...
>> I'll check tonight and let you know.  I know the key
>> was leaving out either the amp modeling stage or cab
>> modeling stage.  Also, I found I got better results
>> when I use the VF-1's stereo chorus (which I know Kris
>> has a couple of)
>> I have to say that as much as I like some of the
>> stompbox models of the Tonelab, when I'm in the studio
>> I ditch them in favor of the VF-1's which I feel are
>> really great (and MIDI syncable which the tonelab
>> sadly isn't)  Don't sell them Kris, you'll be sad.
>> Also I found they're one of the best processor out
>> there for putting distortion on keyboard sounds
>> (though not for guitar)
>> Mark
>> Mark
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