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RE: Crate (was Mesa Boogie)

Crate stopped making crappy amps about ten years ago when they rolled out their vintage-lookalike  tube-powered line (white Tolex, gold hardware). They were a little shrill for single coils, but I've seen Andres Wilson drive his humbucker-equipped Startocaster through one on several occasions and it just melted my face each time... in a good way. 
 Yeah, I know a lot of it is in the hands, but my point is that Crate started earning respect way back in the mid '90s, so I plan to at least test-drive one of these Powerblocks when I get the chance, and I'll report back when I do.
Tim "Will Work for Stompboxes" Mungenast
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I'm wondering if anybody here has tried out the Crate Powerblock amp?
I haven't tried one myself but I'm wondering if I'm already fighting a bit of a battle tone-wise since I'm a bassist.  I'm sure I'd need to use my ART pre-amp when was using it with my double bass but hopefully it wouldn't be a problem with my electric's (active emg's in both).
ted harms.

Joshua Carroll <josh@infinivert.com> wrote:
As long as we're talking guitar amps, has anyone else here played through the Crate V-Series amps?  I know, I know.  Crate?  Really?  Yep...

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