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FW: Mal returns



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Sent: Dienstag, 27. Juni 2006 19:49
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Subject: Mal returns

Hi everyone, Im in Europe! Sorry about the lack of notice, but my 
died and it took me this long to retrieve the email addresses from it. 
only got the below mentioned performances in Austria and a few workshops 
before I go to England. The workshop mentioned on my website (which starts 
tomorrow) is booked out. Ill be in Vienna until July 7... in case you 
thoughts of a last minute workshop or house concert! My new CD, "3 cheers
Peace and Quiet" is selling well and I have copies with me (or you can get
though my website, www.malwebb.com ). I hope alls well and I promise Ill 
return soon with a few more performances, thine, Mal

Friday June 30, 8pm, Mal Webb solo in concert in Purbach, Austria.
Heuriger Sandhofer, Kellerplatz, A-7083 Purbach. Tel/Fax: 02683 2541 
0699/1236 6237
heuriger@sandhofer.net / www.sandhofer.net

Saturday July 1, Mal Webb, Carl Pannuzzo and fab Viennese acapella group 
Triu at Goldegger Blues and Folktage in Goldegg, Austria. Triu start at
and Carl and I start at 9pm. (Apologies for calling Triu their old 
name "Singapur" on my webite!)  


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