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analog-digital and stereoloops

Hi !
My gear:
guitar- roland gr-30- experience fuzz-vox wah- rat dist- micro synth- boss compr- tc 2290 delay- splitt signal into fender amp and mesa amp with electrix repeater in the mesas fx loop.
what I would like:
To have the roland synth in stereo, but still able to use my pedals.
To have the loops made in stereo (or at least with some panning effect).
Maybe the answer is to split signal after pedals and then send the signal from the tc onto repeater- to a DI box and to PA. And the other signal after pedals onto a little looper (line 6) and the to my fender ?
But still my gr-30 would be in mono !
Any thoughs on how to get the gr 30 in stereo with my repeater, still using my pedals, with both the analog signal rute and the digital rute to the PA ?
Any thoughs ?
best regards of Rune F.  

Mob: 917 95 867