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Re: guitar identification - your help is needed

You lucky, lucky ba*d !!!

That's a Westbury Standard. I had one of those about 25 years ago (eek !) and it's one of the few guitars I've ever regretted letting go of. I traded mine for an Aria ES-345 copy (a lovely guitar which I still have) to a guy who used the Westbury as his gigging guitar for years. They're pretty underrated, and they don't appear for sale second-hand too often - people who have them (generally) keep them.

- Tony

nico spahni <nicosp@gmx.net> wrote:
Can anyone help me identify this guitar (what make etc.)? I got it
about 15 years ago for about $100 and never really bothered to find out
what make it is because I didn't now how I possibly could with only a
logo. There's no name, no serial number, nothing. The fact that it has
DiMarzio pickups didn't help either. Only lately has it occured to me
that some of you guys might recognize the logo. Have a look:




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