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Sustainiac Model B (Was: 10 year's anniversary of Looper's Delight )


I love my Model B. I also bought the Model C a couple of years ago for my second (smaller)
gig rig. They work about the same with only a few subtle differences -- the new one has a
wall-wart (ugh) an FX loop (cool) and auto-harmonic (even/odd) sensing which is pretty nice.

I bought the model B in the mid-80s sometime. I've had it repaired twice (the transformers
get hot and fry about once every 10 years. It has become so much a part of how I think about
playing guitar that I find it difficult to play without it. Except for acoustic playing, I never do.

Inventor Alan Hoover is a real nice guy. I've visited and played in his NAMM booth many
many times over the years. He still tries to keep the Sustainiac business going (its a sideline
for him) and he does repairs -- should you buy an old one on Ebay and it doesn't work
quite right. He's a first class gentleman.

Oh . . . yeah I forgot . . . I so much liked the way the new headstock transducer for the Model C
clamps on to the headstock (instead of having to affix a magnetic bracket to your guitar and
attach it that way) that I now use the Model C version of the transducer also with my Model B.
I still have the old transducer and magnets put away somewhere. But the new clamp-on version
means you can use it with absolutely ANY guitar you've got (not just the guitars you've attached
a magnetic bracket to (with screws).

The infinite sustain you get with it is less like the in-the-guitar sustainers (or Ebows) and is more
like standing in front of a cranked amp in exactly the right "sweet spot" on stage to get the perfect
amount of feedback. The advantage is with the Sustainiac you can do it at will, at any time and
at any volume, even whisper quiet.

Needless to say, right-hand muting of open strings (ones you don't want to play while your
playing something else in an unrelated key) is something you will want to learn to do pretty
well to make it really work in all situations. After twenty some odd years though I do it without
even thinking.

If you contact Alan at Sustainiac, say "Hi!" to him for me. He really is a great guy.


tEd kiLLiAn

On Jun 28, 2006, at 4:50 PM, Joshua Carroll wrote:

Off subject a bit: how do you like that Sustainiac Model B? I've looked at those for a while...

PS) If you want to hear how I sound with my Sustainiac see any of the below. Hint . . . my
GarageBand,com page has free streaming of most of my 2001 CD (I think . . . everything
but the title track). No downloads, but even the low-fi streaming will give you an idea
or two of what you can do with a sustainiac. Good luck and happy trails!

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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