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Re: Link to Max runtime info (Was Kris's hardware FX thread)

Excellent; thank you!

On Jun 29, 2006, at 5:48 PM, Todd Reynolds wrote:

Jeff then sent me a little patcher showing me how it’s used.  

Yep, it sure does it.  Pitchshifting on command.  A little latency, but still, much better than anything I’ve experienced on a laptop yet.

Does that explain it David?  

Well, yes, but a few questions come to mind:)
So, does that mean that anybody with the runtime vers. of Max can use the patcher? 
Is it different than any of the pitch-shifting options available in Pluggo?
How complicated would it be for an ace Max-er to whip up a little runtime or stand-alone “multitap-gizmo” gizmo with, say, latency-compensated delays and delay-time and pitch-shift randomizers....in stereo? How much $ would you want for it? I’m only sorta joking....

Wanna weigh in, jeff?  Ask more if not clear.

This is a MOST excellent thread, IMHO.  

Hear, hear:)