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"Atmos Trio" CD featuring Looping

Not a "looping CD' per say, but one track off the new
CD "Atmos Trio" features some looping. Check it out if
you like and enjoy.

Go to http://AtmosMusic.com/

and visit the MUSIC page.

Track: Nardis (Yes, The Miles Davis tune)

For "gear-heads" only:
Features the use of a Boss GT-8
Electrix Repeater
Line 6 DL-4
Roland Handsonic

The other tunes on the disc feature instruments played
by humans with fingers---no further implements.

If you like what you hear--Atmos can be found playing
all over the San Francisco Bay area. Catch one of
their shows ... and/ or you can buy a CD.

Atmos Trio
Rob Michael  Solidbody & Hollowbody electric guitar,
Nylon and Steel string Acoustic guitars.
Jeff Obee  Six-string electric fretted and fretless
Joe Shotwell  Drums and percussion