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Fw: LD content: quick polls

God ...you guys...

Im not so anal and geeky that I always wanna do it the proper way, I was
genuinely interested in a chat... I like LD cos its all in here, I dont 
links to image pages, hell I dont want images, I dont want gig pics, I dont
want external polls... lets just leave this what is relevant to have or not
to have off this list PLEASE.. It occurs once a year on EVERY list Im a
member of.. its soooooo dull...

Now a summary of people so far... Well I wrote one, I know it got out there
(Cos Kris replyed on that subject line) however it didnt seem to get into
the digest.. so here it is again...
AHA.. Now I see what I did.. I REPLIED to Kris (when I meant to reply to 
list) , and HE replyed to the list with MY subject line.. ha ha what a
mess.. love it..


To summerise, I would say that there seems to be 2 main camps with some

1)Its the EDP/Jamman people - and these seem to be more likely to use
"other" looping gadgets like EH16 or the LoFi or Vortex
2)AND its the Laptop/Mobius people and these seem to mention Reaktor and
other software solutions.. with some exceptions...

There doesnt seem to be ANY DJ stylee/Phrasesampler/Groovbox types any

...and the bastards of the week are

3rd prize, guy with most pedals - "Ow my knees hurt" = Steve B

2nd prize, most well organised "Its 18:26 so its time for a poo" = Per B
(gonna guess that Kris has won joint on this catagory, bit he didnt give 
gear...(Ahh NOW he did and I was right!! Joint second!!!)

1st prize, just too many loopers "I  have too much money, I cant make up my
bloody mind"  = MECH!!!



mark francombe
marks website is at www.markfrancombe.com he writes for 
and works at www.transformlearning.com

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From: "Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill" <rs@moinlabs.de>
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Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 5:06 PM
Subject: LD content: quick polls

> Coming back to the recent On/Offtopic etc. LD content discussion, let me 
> add
> this suggestion:
> could we do any "quick poll"s etc. using either
> a) something on a website, either a provided service (I remember someone
> here using www.surveymonkey.com, which has a free service) or something
> using php/mysql on your own site?
> b) if that is for some reason not possible: please ask the people 
> answering
> to send the results to you via matrix mail and then post a summary to LD?
> Rainer