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Re: EH16 2004 footpedal

The schematic for the original footcontroller are on Bob Sellon's 
website, however, the reissued EH 16 second delay use a very 
different foot controller which contains a microcontroller in the 
fotswitch itself. I had the same idea when I bought my 16 second. No 

>  does anyone has the resistors values
>for doing a diy EH16 controler pedal.
>as the ones for the Echoplex.
>Parameters for echoplex :
>0 ohms Record
>14.3K ohms     Overdub
>7.87K ohms     Multiply
>4.75K ohms     Insert
>2.87K ohms     Mute
>1.58K ohms     Undo
>681 ohms       NextLoop