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Re:A Belew, BOWIE guitarists (looping) (Miles Davis, Bitches Brew)

hi Rick-hey i've seen A Belew almost everytime he blows thru san fran(not 
always kinqcrimson tho')-and of course he dazzles everytime-you just never 
hardlee see anyone so happy on stage...
he does do solo live looping almost everytime too-
saw him back in the 80s w/ his solo band and he was using that 
eh16sec.ddl-also seem him w/ the fripp eventides in rack.
latest time thru w/ the brother sister act on drum&bass he did some solo 
looping-i think w/ his johnson millenium amplifiers...
here's a note from some obscure website called loop delite er something :-)


>This is why I keep asking the same question:
>Has anyone actually seen Adrian Belew use live looping on stage during a 
>live show?
>So far noone has really attested to his live looper status.
>I love his music, by the way.............what a creative musician, 
>whether he loops live, or not.
>Rick Walker