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Re: fripp & eh16ddl (original) ?

never heard that fripp used the 16secddl. i know he sued EH for using his 
name in the ad.i just got the new dvd  of NelsCline 
   and the box is all over the place in his solo playing. it is such an 
integral part of his rig-its sometimes hard to tell when he has it on-but 
i do think its always on. anyway glad i still have mine-i hope the day 
comes when the music i play would be enhanced by its use-and there still 
is no unit in the world that does what it do.

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Subject: fripp & eh16ddl (original) ?

ok-for some reason i was thinking of this from last week, when for a 
couple of hrs it seemed like i might be getting a reissue eh 16secDDL-but 
then it fell through...my question: did robert fripp ever play the 
original "EH 16 sec digital delay"? i know it was originally billed as a 
"fripp in a box", did he actually use one? i was just curious...i know 
little to nothing of fripps loop tool history (i just have 3 of his 
damn all this talk of "dream pedals" & the random multi-effects options 
switch, now all
i think about is "dream pedals"
honestly-i'd just love a digital version of an actual tape loop 
option-something that would actually model what an analog tape loop could 
do. (i had such hope for that danelectro reel echo even @ 1.5 sec)....ok, 
i got to get off this dream pedal thing....darn you RICK for getting me on