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Re: fripp & eh16ddl (original) ?

This from an ETwiki: "I would run the tape back and improvise on top of it.
The original form was with two Revox tape recorders, but now I'm working
with the Electro-Harmonix 16 second Digital Delay. It was advertised as a
Fripp In The Box. It's far smaller, quicker, and easier to set up than two
Revoxes. Although, the sounds one gets are quite different. The quality I
nowhere near the same as the two Revoxes."



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Subject: Re: fripp & eh16ddl (original) ?

> never heard that fripp used the 16secddl. i know he sued EH for using 
> name in the ad.i just got the new dvd  of NelsCline 
> and the box is all over the place in his solo playing. it is such an 
> integral part of his rig-its sometimes hard to tell when he has it 
> i do think its always on. anyway glad i still have mine-i hope the day 
> comes when the music i play would be enhanced by its use-and there still 
> is no unit in the world that does what it do.
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> Subject: fripp & eh16ddl (original) ?
> ok-for some reason i was thinking of this from last week, when for a 
> couple of hrs it seemed like i might be getting a reissue eh 
> then it fell through...my question: did robert fripp ever play the 
> original "EH 16 sec digital delay"? i know it was originally billed as a 
> "fripp in a box", did he actually use one? i was just curious...i know 
> little to nothing of fripps loop tool history (i just have 3 of his 
> discs....)
> damn all this talk of "dream pedals" & the random multi-effects options 
> switch, now all
> i think about is "dream pedals"
> honestly-i'd just love a digital version of an actual tape loop 
> option-something that would actually model what an analog tape loop 
> do. (i had such hope for that danelectro reel echo even @ 1.5 
> i got to get off this dream pedal thing....darn you RICK for getting me 
> this....
> s----
> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=235503632389016121#
> http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/28102613