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EH:16DDL RI....

nemoguitt asks: why no stereo?

i know that stereo if you're using a stereo chorus or ping pong delay or reverb it can be excellent....but for my looper i don't really care. i only use ONE guitar amp (i did use a stereo setup for awhile, but didn't love). granted my headphone setup does have a lexicon mx200-and i have it for stereo outs...and i do love the reverbs on it for sure (i have them on all the time!)

chuck z:
I would like to mention that the EH 2880 is spectacular, knobs knobs, knobs..!!
I did a performance at The Stone in the Lower East Side, and my 2880 was as much a part of the performance as my guitar!!!

i think the eh2880 looks awesome, but it is still out of my range.
i will agree, i think the eh16ddl is more of an instrument, i think i play w/ it more than my guitar!!!!! it is most fun, inspiring.....