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Re: EH16DDL-ri trouble...

Title: Re: EH16DDL-ri trouble...
Chuck  Z here...

 Actually the EH-16 0n that link (below) sounds like it's toast...

 The 16 second delay routes all the signal through the A/D -> DSP  -> D/A so that even the 'dry' signal is affected by any malfunction in the signal chain.  I modified mine to have a 'dry' path which routs around the A/D-DSP-D/A chain, but that wouldn't help solve any of the problems described here...


At 15:37 -0500 30/5/10, Scott Hansen wrote:
i know that on my ddl-ri-i have the input a bit low, b/c the "peak" light was coming on, and i have the output really jacked up high.
i know that chuck Z. (who when he sold his eh16ddl-ri-got me on my quest to find one) did some modification to his that he sold that
increased the volume w/ the ddl is "on"--he explained something to me that if a distorted signal was going through the unit, the modification would accurately keep the signal
more uniform....(and i sadly can't remember the exact thing he did or how he described it....my lack of electrical engineering background here....ha!!!)
i can't remember the specific details...maybe CHUCK Z can chime in on the mod he did to his...he said it was something that he talked to the EH folks to
and they were aware of the "glitch" but were moving on to releasing the 2880 super looper unit...
good luck....
A year or two ago I shelved my finicky EH 16 second delay and recently
took it out again. It's the reissue, one of the original batch and I had
the upgrade to allow it to loop manually with stomp on/stomp off when that
first came out.

In doing some research I found a post that pretty much explains what's
wrong with mine too. It doesn't have any volume in effect mode with a
faint sound that seems to indicate all the functions are fine (sweep,
reverse, octave, sliders, etc) but you can barely hear it. When switched
to bypass it's loud and clear. Unlike the guy below I don't really hear
any clicks but i do faintly hear the effected sound. Lights, etc are all
on target as far as i can tell.
From: http://www.ehx.com/forums/viewthread/244/

"The problem: there is NO output when the pedal is engaged. In bypass
mode my normal guitar tone comes through just fine, but when I engage the
pedal, I lose all output except for faint "clicks" from the click
function. (I'm talking very faint, more like breaks in static in time
with what I have the tempo set to). The lights (all of them) function as
they should. It counts it with the lights, input lights work, play,
record, everything. "

Has anyone else experienced this or have an idea what to do? Yes, I could
send it in *again* to EH but it kind of POs me that I've had to do that
twice (I'm the original owner and take care of my stuff) already and I'm
concerned it might happen again if this is so damn common.

Is there a way to reset this beast? Would that even matter?

Any/all help appreciated.