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Re: Art of the Stompbox DVD w/ henry kaiser, nels cline

Here is the trailer, dangerous for me to watch this stuff...
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Sent: Monday, July 05, 2010 10:40 AM
Subject: Art of the Stompbox DVD w/ henry kaiser, nels cline

couple of days ago i got my "art of the stompbox" dvd w/ henry kaiser, and nels cline.
it's a $9.99 dvd the museum of making music is selling w/ the show of the same name (+ shipping costs for me)
took me a couple of nites to watch it, but it is really good.
they just demo a bunch of different pedals showing the different types of effects that guitarists use (fuzz/distortion, modulation, delay, etc)
HK has a crazy amount of pedals!
but the great thing is they do a little bit of looping at the end of the delay section.
HK uses a boomerang pedal (not sure which version)
and Nels C uses his EH 16 digital delay (he also uses a korg kaoss w/ it a lot)-the funny thing is that Nels says he likes to do real abstract loops, not in time stuff
which he says the EH16ddl is good at...but the couple of little loop things they do is most cool. and just the demoing of sounds and pedals they do is pretty cool too...
thought i'd share....