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Frisell and PDS8000

i think if you do a youtube search there is this:


he sort of shows what the pds8000 can do, i think the looping part or long delays are too short.
but gives you a feel....

there are some others on there too, just don't have time to watch them.

if i remember correctly, BF used the pds8000 when his original EH 16ddl started to die

he has also used a line 6 DL4 for looping as well....

i'm still not sure why BF & Nels Cline haven't taken to the reissue of the EH16DDL, i think it's a great box, easy to use, the sliders make everything
nice and visual, and i love the pitchshifting options...as Stan says, the pitching down for that slow underwater feel is most fun!!!!!!
and the eh16ddl-ri does it nicely....

obviously it appears that Nels C.'s original eh16ddl is still working, i've seen lots of good examples of him using it in the last few months on a couple of DVDs....

the PDS8000 is an interesting box, do need some more demo vids of it doing some looping on youtube that's for sure.
not sure why digitech hasn't reissued it, the new jamman delay thing, doesn't look like it at all, but i haven't seen any vids for it either....& haven't heard too
many raving about it...might be there's too much out there to chose from now? which seems to be an odd place since i've been looping for almost 10 yrs....quite a journey
for looping gear in options now....